2018 Toyota Highlander vs. 2018 Lexus RX: Which Is Best?

2018 Toyota Highlander vs. 2018 Lexus RX: Which Is Best?

Pricing and Cuts

The 2018 Toyota Highlander can be found in half dozen decrease stages beginning with the Ce at $31st,230. There’s a selection of frequently entrance-tire get or all-tire get on every last decrease inside choice. Perched towards the top of the range is the Highlander Constrained Silver operating-tire get at $forty-six,860.

The 2018 Lexus RX incorporates a a lot more reduced vary that has a three-product choice that begins with the base RX 350 at $43,470. The RX 350 is usually available since the performance-aimed F-sport, which brings nearly $6,000 for the price. Front side-tire

Basic safety

The 2018 Toyota Highlander and 2018 Lexus RX are both Insurance protection Institution for Motorway Basic safety 2018 Prime Basic safety Selections. Additionally, the National Motorway Traffic Basic safety Government gifted the Highlander a general 5-celeb standing, but the business gifted the RX 5 personalities for anyone-tire get types only. Front side-tire get types gotten some personalities.

Standard security on every last Highlander contains Toyota Basic safety Sensation Delaware with before-accident with men and women detection, road starting warn with direction aid, auto higher cross-bow supports, and powerful mouth luxury cruise handle. The RX has Lexus Basic safety System with before-accident, road assistance, smart higher cross-bow supports, and powerful mouth luxury cruise handle. Safety factors are nicely-equalled on these SUVs, but we give the edge for the Highlander due to the marginally better freeze-test out scores.

Success: Toyota Highlander


The Toyota Highlander is actually a three-line Vehicle with place for nine guests. The center line can be obtained like a common couch with with capacity of for several guests or with captain’s chairs and place for only two. Even when you lose one with capacity of position with the captain’s chairs, they may be convenient and also have the additional benefit of offering much easier accessibility 3rd line.

The Lexus RX is yet another three-line Vehicle if you choose the brand new L product, though with with capacity of for no greater than only eight guests. Her exact choice in the centre to get a three-individual common couch or captain’s chairs, but the big difference is with the 3rd line. They have only place for a few guests — doing the success very clear.

Success: Toyota Highlander

2018 Toyota Highlander vs. 2018 Lexus RX: Which Is Best?

Energy resource Performance

EPA-estimated gas mileage for your Toyota Highlander with entrance-tire get is up to around 21 mpg inside area, 35 mpg while travelling, and 23 mpg merged. All-tire get types appear in with as much as 20 mpg inside area, 35 mpg while travelling, and 23 mpg merged.

The Lexus RX three hundred and fifty with entrance-tire get receives an EPA-estimated 20 mpg area, 35 mpg hwy, and 23 mpg merged. All-tire get types get 19 mpg area, 24 mpg hwy, and 22 mpg merged. It’s a close game forwards and backwards that has a minimal big difference, but the edge would go to the Highlander due to the all round superior standing on all-tire get types.

Success: Toyota Highlander


The Toyota Highlander presents ample place for those times when the main objective is on consignments instead of men and women. There’s 13.8 cubic legs for consignments driving the third line, as much as 42.3 cubic legs driving the other line, and as much as 83.7 cubic legs driving leading seat designs. The Highlander may pull as much as 5,000 excess fat more consignments.

The Lexus RX has as much as 7.45 cubic legs driving the third line, 12.03 cubic legs driving the other line, and 58.48 cubic legs driving leading seat designs. The Lexus can pull only 3,700 excess fat. That’s a tremendous big difference and is the Highlander the very clear success should you put a goal on consignments capability.

Success: Toyota Highlander


The actual Entune Sound infotainment system perfectly located at the Toyota Highlander features a 6.1-half inch touch screen, half dozen loudspeakers, one Flash port, and Siri Face Cost-free. Available renovations include routing, an 8-half inch touch screen, SiriusXM, plus a 12-lecturer JBL high quality head unit.

The Lexus RX tables that has a conventional 8-half inch touch screen, a 9-lecturer head unit, and 2 Flash plug-ins. Renovations such as a Level Levinson high quality head unit with 15 loudspeakers, routing, plus a 12.3-half inch separated-display screen. Even though each methods present lots of characteristics while you shift to better cuts, the Lexus is released ahead due to the a lot more completely-featured system even for the starting product and also a more substantial out there screen size.

Success: Lexus RX

2018 Toyota Highlander vs. 2018 Lexus RX: Which Is Best?


The Toyota Highlander delivers a 2.7-liter some-pump serp with 185 performance and 184 lbs-foot of torque coupled to some half dozen-velocity auto televison broadcasting for the starting decrease. The rest of the choice turns into a 3.5-liter V6 with 295 performance and 263 lbs-foot of torque coupled with an nine-velocity auto. It will save you money using smaller serp, nevertheless for its size, the Highlander is advisable with the V6.

The Lexus RX 350 presents simply a 3.5-liter V6 with 290 performance and 263 lbs-foot of torque coupled with an nine-velocity auto televison broadcasting. The F Sports activity alternative has 295 performance and 263 lbs-foot of torque. Even with the base serp, the Lexus is actually a lesser vehicle, that make it an increasingly partaking get.

Success: Lexus RX

hybrid Choices

There are actually some hybrid Toyota Highlander cuts valued from $thirty seven,870 to $seventy two,four hundred and eighty, as the Lexus RX has two cuts valued from $forty-five,895 to $fifty-four,555. That’s pretty much a $10,000 big difference to get into just the starting Lexus RX hybrid.

For gas mileage, the Highlander receives an EPA-estimated 29 mpg inside area, 35 mpg while travelling, and twenty-eight mpg merged. The RX will come in through an EPA-estimated 31 mpg inside area, twenty-eight mpg while travelling, and 30 mpg merged. Even though the Lexus receives marginally superior gas mileage, that’s critical in a hybrid, the Highlander is a bit more cost-effective and will be offering a lot more out there cuts to get a simple gas mileage cut down.

Success: Toyota Highlander

Doing you hair

Even though these are generally each three-line SUVs, they each provide an exceedingly different design. The Highlander is boxier, a lot more solid, and harder around the edges. Inside, products are top quality that has a very clear center on developing a sports utility vehicle that may stand up the trials of loved ones existence with plenty excursion. It’s beautiful and comfortable with sufficient place for anyone.

The Lexus RX uses a different strategy. While it still presents three lines of with capacity of, it’s lesser proportions plus a more sleek style and design. The exterior appears to be like a lot more upscale — in keeping with the Lexus manufacturer — that has a curvier, a lot more classy overall look. The tale is the same within with high quality products that induce an opulent, upscale tone.

Success: Lexus RX