Minivan vs. SUV: Which Is Best for You?

Minivan vs. SUV: Which Is Best for You?

Usable Interior Space

In terms of actual insides amount, the earliest maxime does work: Nothing can beat a minivan. But not only are minivans over most SUVs, they also normally have short noses focusing it’s extra span towards the cabin) minimizing insides floorings as the lighter in weight-obligation suspension devices are fewer cumbersome).

Consequently today’s minivans accommodate no less than eight older people to sit down pleasantly, a lot of SUVs’ 3 rd-brief period bike seats would be best still left to kids. A lot better, minivans still have 30 to 40 cubic legs of cargo room behind their 3 rd-brief period bike seats. That’s approximately the same amount as behind the other brief period of an a few-individual Sports utility vehicle. And overall room meets including the most significant SUVs. The one Sports utility vehicle benefit is the fact that it’s safer to collapse all the way down their bike seats in a very 2nd to acquire utmost cargo room minivans’ 2nd rows have to be extra laboriously put to the flooring or taken off the truck fully. Regardless, minivans have all the cargo room behind even their 2nd-brief period bike seats as many SUVs have with rows folded all the way down.

Winner: Minivan


Today’s minivans have bottom rates in approximately the top of Usd20,000s to minimal Usdthirty,000s. Several SUVs cost less, even some with three rows of bike seats. Though if you want among the roomiest three-brief period crossovers, such as Chevrolet Traverse, Volkswagen Atlas, or Kia Telluride, be ready to devote no less than Usdthirty,1, 000. And if you need a sports utility vehicle with minivan-like cargo home behind another-brief period seat, you would like a longer-span total-sizing model such as Chevrolet Suv or Ford Expedition Optimum


Minivans are perfect cars or trucks to carry guests and cargo, however, for some other type of functionality, crossovers and SUVs take the borders. Most minivans arrive just front side-steering wheel generate with the exception of the Toyota Sienna, who has suggested all-steering wheel generate, and might tow about 3,five-hundred excess fat.

In the mean time, most three-brief period crossovers and SUVs can tow no less than 5,1, 000 excess fat, and quite a few can tow a great deal extra. Each are provided by all-steering wheel generate or some-steering wheel generate, and in addition they typically activity remarkable terrain approval and also other off of-roads-favorable qualities when compared with a completely-steering wheel generate Sienna.

Winner: Sports utility vehicle

Minivan vs. SUV: Which Is Best for You?

Operating Expertise

When minivans are extensively regarded as boring, several primary styles is extremely pleasant to drive. Especially, the Honda Odyssey amounts an even, tranquil drive with nimble, open coping with — a job that’s even more extraordinary if you think about the dimensions of this loved ones hauler. And every one of today’s primary minivans have easy, powerful V6 applications.

For the Sports utility vehicle section, there’s extra selection. The Mazda CX-9 cross-over is popularly entertaining to drive, although total-sizing conventional SUVs really feel bulkier and clumsier than minivans. It’s important to note, very, that a majority of crossovers are in physical form less space-consuming than pickup trucks, which does aid their agility and in close proximity-groups maneuverability. All that said, the common three-brief period cross-over delivers a comparable traveling practical experience towards the regular minivan.

Winner: Tie

Fuel Economy

You may think of SUVs as fuel-chugging World-murders, but innovative powertrains, very careful bodyweight-salvaging approaches, and increased aerodynamics have brought in incredible advancement. And some SUVs still get not very good gas mileage, they’ve got admirable Environmental protection agency evaluations. Top three-brief period crossovers such as Honda Pilot, Nissan Pathfinder, Subaru Ascent, and Toyota Highlander reach approximately 23 mpg in varying traveling, although today’s minivans fall concerning 20 and 22 mpg. Even total-sizing large-obligation Ford Expedition does 20 mpg in varying traveling, identical to a Dodge Grand Caravan.

For much more fuel savings, the Chrysler Pacifica minivan and Toyota Highlander cross-over are obtainable as gasoline-electrical compounds with awesome fuel economy. But in the middle of the industry, the top three-brief period SUVs borders out of the ideal minivans in regards to gas mileage.

Winner: Sports utility vehicle

Feature Information

Since several three-brief period SUVs and crossovers are made as loved ones cars, you’ll obtain an abundance of loved ones-favorable features in that section. Backside leisure devices, a great deal of cupholders and USB places, many of the most recent wellbeing technological know-how, and — in most styles — obviously any good mic that why don’t we the trucker correct the spine guests as a result of their audio system or earbuds. What’s extra, most large crossovers and SUVs are obtainable having a heaping of luxury products.

Even so, nearly minivans have all of the above, they also have energy-falling doorways, as well as the Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey even squeeze in a developed-in machine. The Odyssey additional offers further adjustments to the center-brief period bike seats to hold kids attainable of front side-seat mom and dad, and also a dslr camera that enables you to check on kids inside returning even through the night. SUVs unfavorable reactions extra features associated with towing and off of-roads capacities, however in the matchup of minivans vs .. SUVs, the vans’ loved ones emphasis victories out.

Winner: Minivan

Minivan vs. SUV: Which Is Best for You?

Hair styling

When minivans such as Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, and even Kia Sedona have attemptedto spice up the minivan being a classy luxury automobile, ultimately, it’s nonetheless a large extensive field with falling doorways. Even most ardent minivan partisans will definitely confess they will didn’t opt for pickup trucks because of their appears to be like.

That’s not saying that each Sports utility vehicle or cross-over available on the market is really a pattern work of art. But minivan dimensions focus on performance, whereas several SUVs and crossovers place a considerable main concern on style and picture. Whether you such as cool feel of a Mazda CX-9, the bold resilience of a Chevrolet Lake tahoe, the luxury elegance of a Selection Rover Hobby, or among the many possibilities amongst, you shouldn’t find it difficult getting a sports utility vehicle or cross-over that grabs your.

Winner: Sports utility vehicle


Nice of SUVs and crossovers has decimated the minivan class, and already only a few conventional minivans continue being. There can also be some modest do the job pickup trucks with individual-holding different versions, including the Ford Transportation Connect and Mercedes-Benz Metris. Though if you want the common minivan positive aspects of utmost room plus a loved ones-centered pattern, your choices are quite limited.

If you want a loved ones-favorable Sports utility vehicle or cross-over, even though, dozens of possibilities complete the industry. If you’re particular about hair styling, seat ease, or other excellent, the odds are larger that you’ll discover the Sports utility vehicle that’s most effective for you in comparison to the excellent minivan.